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A call for demonstration to protest against the deportation of the asylum-seekers to Afganistan

March 2, 2012

Bayerischer Flüchtlingsrat has published a statement announcing that the central immigration office has approved the forced deportation of Afgani asylum-seekers that come from Kabul or Herat, two cities that are assumed to have a good employment and housing conditions now. According to Flüchtlingsrat this decision may expose 10000 Afgani asylum-seekers to the danger of immediate deportation. Therefore Flüchtlingsrat has published a call for a demonstration -1- on 3rd of March, 2012 in Munich, to oppose the deportation of the asylum-seekers.
We, a group of asylum-seekers in Bayern, believe that the decision to deport the asylum-seekers is not based on an estimated secure and acceptable life condition for the asylum-seekers back home, but rather this decision is mainly based on the anti-immigration and inhuman policies of the governments. The hypocritical governments that use any irrelevant and unfounded news to justify their policies and to misguide the people. We the asylum-seekers of Bayern are strongly against the inhuman law of deportation and we see it as our responsibility to participate in the demonstration of 3rd of March. We call all the independent activists, groups and organizations to join us on this day. Although remaining in the asylum camps means to live a hard life through uncertainties, a challenge that may cost a life as happened to Mohammad Rahsepar, returning to the countries where there is no guarantee for our lives, especially when we are forced to do so is also completely unacceptable. It is a shame that such a distorted interpretation of human rights can even exist!
We, those who can neither freely move in this country nor return to their own country, will not tolerate the forced deportation and in order to oppose it we will once more protest on the streets.

Time: 03.03.2012
Location: Karlplatz, München


1. Stop Deportation to Afghanista


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